How to add or update a record in the Hertfordshire Directory

Before you can start creating your record you will need to register yourself and create an account. To register click the Register link then complete your details down the left hand side of the page. Once you have entered your details select the REGISTER button: 

You will be taken to a sign in screen but before you can sign in, you must activate your account.  You will have been sent an email titled Welcome to Hertfordshire, if the email is not in your inbox it may have gone into your spam or junk email folder; in the content of the email there will be a link which you need to click to activate your account. 

Once you've clicked this, you will be able to sign in to the Directory and create entries as well as make changes to any existing ones.

Within your record you can modify a number of areas and ensure that they are always up-to-date. These areas are listed below under the “How to add a new listing” section. First of all, please check to make sure that your basic contact details (telephone number, email address and website) are correct, as these are the most important for prospective clients to get in touch with you. These basic details must include the postcode of where the service is delivered. If you don’t add this then your service won’t appear in any of the geographical searching that people do.

Making it easier for people to find your entry

In the description of your service try to think about how others would search for your services on the internet and which words they would use. Try to fit these into the context of your information, so as an example if your service was a “toddler group” you could use words in the description area such as “activities for under 3 year olds” or “young kids” or “young children’s activities”. Or, if you offer a befriending service for older people think of words people might use such as lonely, isolated, friends etc.

Once you have signed in to the website, you can access your listings whenever you like via the Dashboard link.

How to add a new listing:

From the Dashboard page, under the Provider Updates section, click on the Create a new service link. This opens up a form for you to provide details of your new service or activity. The form divides into a number of sections, and you should fill out each section with as much information as possible. If you are not sure how to write your listing try looking at other listings on the site and see how they are written:

  • Service/Activity Details - Give your service or activity a short title that will be meaningful to members of the public. Don't use the same title for multiple listings. Also provide a short description of your service/activity using plain English to describe what it is that the service or activity provides. You should also add any industry accreditations, standards or awards you have here.
  • Contact Details - These contact details will be displayed on the website. If any details change in the future, please make sure you log-in and update your listing.
  • Venue Details - Please provide a full address and postcode for your venue. It is particularly important that you provide the correct postcode as this will be used by the site in locating your service for users. Please also select the areas that your service covers from the list.
  • Date & Time Details - Please provide a brief sentence on when your service/activity takes place or is open, such as; 'Open Monday to Friday from 9am until 6pm' or 'Tuesday evenings from 7pm -9pm' or 'Wednesday, 2nd April 2014'.
  • Other Details - Please provide brief details in all of the applicable boxes. If there is nothing to say, then just leave that box blank.
  • Categories - Please indicate which subject areas you think apply to your listing. This will help us to determine where your listing should appear within the Directory. You must choose at least one category, but can choose up to a maximum of five. Please only select those relevant to your service.
  • Images - You can upload an image such as your logo to show as part of your listing. You can only upload images that are of .jpg or .png types and up to a maximum filesize of 5MB. For best results we recommend that your image is at least 500 by 500 pixels in size. Be aware that if you add a large image it may take up a lot of room on the page! Images are virus checked during upload and will be rejected if anything suspicious is found.

Your record will be checked before it goes onto the directory

Once you have finished your record and submitted it, our team will check it for anything inappropriate over the next couple of days and then set it to go live on the directory.

We will check the categories and filters you have applied to your record as well as the content and may change them if we do not think they are appropriate.

If you make any changes to an existing record these will also be checked before they appear on the directory.

Deleting a Listing:

From the Dashboard page you can update, delete or add new listings.

Checking your record/s

After you have signed in please click on the name of your service in the blue box in the centre of the “Providers Updates” area.

If you wish to view what your record looks like, edit it, or delete it, click on the Actions button and choose the appropriate action.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: When will my new listings or updates appear on the site?
A: All changes submitted via the My Account page must first be approved by the Directory team before they appear on the site. We aim to process new updates as quickly as possible (within a few days of submission).

Q: Is there a limit on the number of services/activities that I can have listed?
 No, you can have as many records as you would like.

This section should have answered most of the questions that you may have about adding and updating your listings. If however you have read this and still need assistance, then please contact the team, using the Contact us form.

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