How to add a link into your directory entry

Add your organisations profile in as you would normally within the description box of the Details area.

If you can, try to put where you want the links on a different line to make sure they stand out.

If you highlight the text that you want to make a link, a button that looks like a chain link will appear brighter. If you hover your mouse over this a yellow box will appear saying “Insert/edit link”.

Click on the “chain” button and a small box will appear allowing you to enter details and links.

In the “Insert/Edit link” box there will be three boxes to fill in. These are:

Link URL = This is where the you want the person to go to.

Target = Three options, but the best option is “Open link in a new window”

Title = This is the text you are making the link in your description.

Try to make this easy to understand like “Follow Andy’s Art Twitter page” and you should never use “Click here”. When you have finished filling this in, press insert. The box will disappear and the link will be saved. This will appear blue and underlined.

The link has now been inserted into your description and saved. You can now go on and complete the rest of your listings details and save the content by pressing save at the bottom of the record.

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