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Spins Pre-School

Childcare type: Pre-School Playgroup

SPINS Pre-School have six members of staff, 5 members are qualified to Level 3 and one member of staff is just completing Level 2.  Bank staff are available in emergencies.

SPINS Pre-School also run a Toddler Group, Monday mornings 9.30 am – 11.00 am, term time, this runs in the same building alongside the nursery (separate hall).  It is run by one of our members of staff.  From birth to school age, all welcome.  A varied range of activities to include painting, playdoh, craft table, baby area and lots more.  Juice/snack and tea/coffee available.

All staff have DBS, safeguarding and Paediatric First Aid/Epi-pen training.  Special needs are catered for.

We run in a large Community Centre with an outside area in a lovely village setting.  We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and each child has a key worker who will monitor your childs progress and development.

We are open from 9.15 am – 12.15 pm (lunch club till 2.15 pm).  Early admittance (subject to availability).  We accept childcare vouchers.

We are registered for 2, 3 and 4 year funding and are available to offer 30 hours (subject to eligibility).

Who to contact

07881 533339

Where to go

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Other Details

£14.00 Morning session
£18.50 Per day
30 Hours Provider
3-4 Year Old Funding?
2 Year Old Funding?


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Latest Inspection
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15/02/2019Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Local Offer

Early Years Extended Local Offer Response

1. How does the setting know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs?

At Spins Nursery you can speak to any of our staff if you have any concernsabout your child. However, Tina Wells is our Dedicated Co-ordinator forSpecial Educational Needs and Disabilities. Tina Wells continually attends Cluster meetings to ensure she is fully updated and this information is always cascaded to all staff.

If your child has an identified special need before joining our setting, Tina Wells will work with you to ensure that everything is in place, e.g. special equipment, i.e. staff training etc before your child joins us.

During the settling in period an initial assessment is made of all children to ascertain their approximate stage of development, i.e. baseline assessment, any issues highlighted during this term will also be followed up.

Your child’s key worker will work with Tina Wells to continually monitor and review your Child’s development and progress in the setting through the Early

Years Foundation Stage Framework. We work very closely with other professionals to ensure that your child is given appropriate support, i.e. the best care and educational opportunities.

2. How will setting staff support my child?

Our Staff are all very caring, all parents/carers and all see each child as an individual.

Whatever the needs of your child we will do all we can to ensure they are met.

All of our staff will work with your child, but one staff member will be allocated as their Key worker and they will monitor and support your child’s development.

Tina Wells/Paula Smith (Nursery Manager) will work to ensure that you are closely involved at all stages and will also liaise with a wide range of professionals. Agreed action plans are discussed and implemented to ensure needs are met.

3. How will I know how my child is doing?

Regular feedback will be given to you at the end of each session. We use different forms of communication which include informal discussions, telephone calls or emails. We use your Child’s learning journals to highlight your Child’s progress or identified areas of focus.

We complete Unique Child Summary sheets half termly and these are shared with you at a brief meeting. Spins Pre-School offer advice and a variety of learning resources to support home learning.

Parents/carers are encouraged to work with us in Partnership to share any “Magic Moments”, ideas or concerns they may have.

4. How will the learning and development provision be matched to my child's needs?

The key worker will consistently be making observations and assess your child’s development. This information is included in the weekly/daily planning to ensure your Child’s particular needs are met.

5. What support will there be for my child's overall wellbeing?

We work closely with parents to ensure we are providing support for all children whatever their needs. This includes support with potty/toilet training, dietary requirements and we have a quiet corner should your child need to rest. We are equipped with facilities to support this. We are committed to working to providing a caring environment and this ethos is shared with the Children.

Where a Child has or is showing signs of special needs Tina Wells/Paula Smith will work with you and your GP/Health Visitor to make a referral.

If your child has any specific medical needs our staff will undergo any training, e.g. epipen training, replacing breathing tubes etc and we will administer any medication prescribed by a hospital paediatrician or GP.

We continually update all policies including our Behaviour Management Policy which outlines the procedures used at Spins Nursery.

All staff have a positive approach to children’s individual needs, be assured that testing boundaries are part of development and we will work very closel

6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by setting?

Tina Wells has 10 years experience as Spins SENCO which means she has worked alongside Children with a variety of needs. Tina prides herself on continual self assessment and often seeks guidance from outside professionals.

We work very closely with the Children’s Centre and have support from the area Inclusion Development Officer (IDO). Together individual action plans are agreed to ensure your Child is continually stimulated.

We also have a good relationship with all the local feeder schools and this will make the process of moving to a new setting much easier for your Child.

Parents are advised of transition procedures and each Child meets their prospective teacher on visits. With parents permission Children’s needs are discussed with their school to ensure effective planning is in place.

7. What training and/or experience do the staff, supporting children with SEND, have?

Our designated SENCO has completed training courses and regularly attends cluster meetings with other SEN experts to keep her knowledge up to date. She then cascades this information to the rest of the team.

Children’s therapists are invited into the setting to support staff with learning strategies.

8. How will my child be included in activities outside the setting?

Spins Nursery are committed to inclusive practice.

Your child will be included in all activities outside the setting and full risk assessments will be carried out. Children wear high visibility vests and ratios are always in place. Visual aids are used to support learning.

9. How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child's learning and development?

We encourage all parents to be involved in their Child’s learning and development. Your Child’s keyworker is always happy to discuss their progress and development with you through their journals.

Parent consent is always obtained before we refer to any outside agencies.

On the occasions where outside agencies are present Spins Nursery will endeavour to co-ordinate a meeting at the end of the session to include the professional, parent/carer and Tina Wells/Paula Smith.

10. How accessible is the building / environment?

The building is very accessible and meets the current disability regulations.

There are no stairs in our building and we have ramp access. We have a

disabled toilet with wheelchair access.

We have toys and equipment at your Child’s level.

Our outside area is on one level, we have a grassed area which is securely

enclosed by a fence.

11. How will the setting prepare and support my child with transitions between home, settings and school?

Before starting Spins Nursery parents/carers and Children are invited into the setting to familiarise yourself with the environment. Health care plans are agreed and all relevant documents are signed off. Transition documents/preentry forms are given prior to their start date. Taster sessions are available.

Where your Child is attending more than one setting we will work with them by sharing any learning documents in relation to your Childs development.

We work closely with local schools to aid transition into school. All schools are invited to come and see the child in the Spins Nursery environment. During this visit the teacher and the Key Person will discuss each Child’s development and progress. We have school uniform for the relevant schools in our role play area prior to their moving on and we have discussions with the children about what to expect when they move to their new school.

12. How will [the setting's] resources be used to support children's special educational needs?

All equipment and toys are moveable and can be made accessible, they are age and stage appropriate.

We have resources to support children with SEN, and we are always investing in new resources as appropriate. We have a number of sensory resources including visual aids which can also support children with delayed speech and English as an additional language.

13. Who can I contact for further information about the Early Years Offer in the setting?

You can contact Paula Smith/Sam Christie – Nursery Managers on Tel: 07881 533339, or email:

Last updated on 09/02/2018
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