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Educational Psychologists

Who we are

Educational Psychologists (EPs) are part of Integrated Services for Learning (ISL) in Children’s Services at Hertfordshire County Council.  All of our EPs have a specialist degree in educational psychology at masters or doctorate level and are registered as practitioner psychologists with the Health and Care Professions Council.

We work closely with parent/carers, children and young people, schools, settings and other professionals in education, health and social care.

What we do

Psychology helps to understand how people think, learn, feel, behave and develop.  As EPs, we are qualified and experienced in working with children and young people and specialise in identifying and overcoming barriers to their learning so that their educational outcomes and life chances can be improved.

We use our skills and expertise to find solutions to problems in a broad range of areas including: attainment and performance, parenting, anti-bullying, emotional well-being and resilience as well as challenging behaviour. We advise and support children and young people, parents and carers, and other professionals about the best way to support the learning, emotional and psychological needs of children and young people, including those with significant special educational needs and disabilities.

We work very closely with schools and settings to help build the skills and confidence of staff to meet the needs of children and young people experiencing difficulties. This includes providing advice about individual children and we also support Headteachers and SENCOs to develop whole school approaches to improve outcomes for children with special educational and additional needs.  

We work with children and young people within the 0-19 age range, and if a young person with special educational needs has an Education, Health and Care Plan we can be involved up to the age of 25. EPs provide psychological advice on behalf of the Council as part of statutory Education, Health and Care assessments for children and young people with the most complex needs.

EPs work closely with:

  • Individual children and their parents/carers, and all professionals working with or on behalf of the young person
  • Head teachers, SENCOs, teachers and other Local Authority Officers to develop approaches to teaching and learning, and policy development
  • Other professionals from health, social services, adult services and voluntary organisations
  • Schools and other settings to support them with critical incidents such as the serious injury or death of a child or member of staff

How to access our service

If you have any concerns about your child’s education speak to your child’s school, pre-school, college or other education provider in the first instance. For most children the staff in the setting will be able to assess and meet needs, including those with special educational needs. If a school or setting requires advice they can seek this from a range of professionals depending on the nature of the issue. We work closely with schools and they can contact their local EP team if they need advice from our service. Our work takes into account Council, statutory and school priorities.

How to contact us

Parents carers and other professionals should discuss their concerns directly with the education setting their child or young person attends.  If, following this you would like to speak directly to an EP, you can access us through our telephone Contactline which enables callers to speak directly to an EP.  Contact can be made via Contactline 01992 588574 and is available:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays 14.00-16.30 during term time
  • Wednesdays 14:00-16:30 during school holidays

Feedback, compliments and complaints

The service welcomes all feedback. It helps us to plan service development. If you would like to pay a compliment to an individual member of the team please do contact that member of staff. If you would like your compliment to be shared widely then please contact the Team Manager via Customer Services as above.

If you have a concern about the process or the service you have received please discuss this directly with the team member in the first instance. If this does not resolve the issue please contact the Team Manager via Customer Services. If you still have concerns then please use the Hertfordshire County Council formal complaints procedure.

Who to contact

0300 123 4043

Where to go


The Educational Psychology Service is part of Integrated Services for Learning (ISL) which work in four area teams covering:

  • East Herts, Broxbourne, Welwyn and Hatfield
  • North Herts and Stevenage
  • Dacorum and St Albans
  • Watford, Three Rivers, and Hertsmere

Local Offer

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Emerging needs
Last updated on 14/12/2017
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