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Local School Partnerships

What are they?

Local School Partnerships are here to support families in need of help. If your family is just coping or struggling to cope, a School Family Worker could help you prevent a situation becoming a crisis. They can support you with a range of needs, such as:


  • Managing challenging behaviour
  • General routines and behaviours
  • Supporting children with additional needs
  • Managing money and household budgeting
  • Housing worries
  • Changing schools
  • Bereavement and separation

School Family Workers are approachable and non-judgemental. They can offer practical ideas and advice and listen to you or your child’s worries. In some cases, they can also refer you to other services that can help. Above all, they are here to help.



"It has helped me so much to talk about mine and my child's needs and I feel I can now get the help I need without feeling worried or judged."


"My School Family Worker has helped me with my homework and to get along with my Mum and Stepdad. I don't feel so alone at home and school anymore."


Two families who have worked with a School Family Worker from South West Herts Partnership


I would like support from my School Family Worker. Where can I find them?

Nearly every school in Hertfordshire belongs to a Local School Partnership, and every partnership is a little different.


If you would like support from your School Family Worker, it is best to contact the school first. They will be able to advise which partnership the school belongs to, and how they can best support you.


Find your child’s school’s contact details here.


Who can I contact for general information?

If you would like general information about Local School Partnerships from Hertfordshire County Council, please email

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